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[Download] ➵ No Judgments (Little Bridge Island, #1) Author Meg Cabot –

No Judgments (Little Bridge Island, #1) The Storm Of The Century Is About To Hit Little Bridge Island, Florida And It S Sending Waves Crashing Through Sabrina Bree Beckham S Love Life When A Massive Hurricane Severs All Power And Cell Service To Little Bridge Island As Well As Its Connection To The Mainland Twenty Five Year Old Bree Beckham Isn T Worried At First She S Already Escaped One Storm Her Emotionally Abusive Ex So A Hurricane Seems Like It Will Be A Piece Of Cake.But Animal Loving Bree Does Become Alarmed When She Realizes How Many Islanders Have Been Cut Off From Their Beloved Pets Now It S Up To Her To Save As Many Of Little Bridge S Cats And Dogs As She Can But To Do So, She S Going To Need Help Help She Has No Choice But To Accept From Her Boss S Sexy Nephew, Drew Hartwell, The Mermaid Caf S Most Notorious Heartbreaker.But When Bree Starts Falling For Drew, Just As Little Bridge S Power Is Restored And Her Penitent Ex Shows Up, She Has To Ask Herself If Her Island Fling Was Only A Result Of The Stormy Weather, Or If It Could Last During Clear Skies Too.

[Download] ➵ No Judgments (Little Bridge Island, #1)  Author Meg Cabot –
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • No Judgments (Little Bridge Island, #1)
  • Meg Cabot
  • 21 September 2018
  • 9780062890047

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    2 14 19 I will ALWAYS read Meg Cabot She is Queen Cannot wait for this

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    Raise the flag I won a giveaway

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    This review was originally posted on my review blog Deanna Reads Books Full disclosure, Meg Cabot is my favorite author, so maybe take this review will a grain of salt, but I really adored the first book in her newest series Little Bridge Island I grew up reading her teen books, so it s almost like I ve grown up with Meg and now that I m older I am really growing to love her adult fiction This books feels on par with The Boys Series or Queen of Babble, so it definitely has that romcom feel to it Which is great, if you like books like that Which I am finding that I definitely do.I was really excited to get access to this book early, because I love Meg s work and I have really been on a romance kick lately This book definitely felt like a Meg book to me in that I was totally obsessed with reading it at all times and I had to find out what happens Like seriously, I could have held off reading and reviewing this one since it doesn t come until September, but I couldn t help myself and I definitely stayed up past my bedtime so I could finish it In my view that s kind of the best part about a book.Our main protagonist Bree, short for Sabrina, has gone through some things so she has picked up and moved to the little island in the Florida Keys to kind of figure out what she wants to do B...

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    Unfortunately, I will have to pass judgement onto Meg Cabot s newest work.No Judgements is the story of Bree and Drew, two twenty somethings that have elected to remain, among other residents, on a tiny island in the Florida Keys as a Category 5 hurricane bears down on them.Bree moved to the island after the emotional shocks of death of her father and a sexual assault from her then boyfriend s best friend She is incredibly unprepared to deal with any sort of inclement weather, and is lucky to have made a new group of friends in the months leading up to the storm otherwise, she surely would ve perished trying to prove how tough she is to herself.Drew is Bree s boss nephew, recently out of a relationship and the victim of many a rumour about how he s the town bicycle which was so disturbing, because almost all of our background players are related to him or are snowbirds The themes of this book read like a smoothie of news from the past few years category 5 hurricanes, sexual assault, gun violence, radio show conservative judges But all are handled so weirdly There s a scene in whi...

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    Arc provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review.

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    I always enjoy Meg Cabot s books, and this one was no exception Here characters are quirky and fun, and the love interests are pretty good In this book, Bree has relocated from NYC to Little Bridge Island, a small island community in southern Florida A hurricane is headed straight for the island, and most of the residents evacuate, while Bree chooses to remain When I read the synopsis of the book, I thought that the hurricane would have a much bigger part of the story than it did There was a lot of buildup, and then it was like, oh, it wasn t as bad as everyone was saying It felt a little anticlimactic ...

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    Bree was a strong willed character who was determined to ride out the storm and ignore the evacuation order She did not want to accept help from others and wanted to prove that she can get through the storm on her own When things go awry Bree reluctantly accepts help from Drew, who is an island local After the storm passes Bree is dedicated to helping all the animals that were left behind I loved seeing Bree and Drew work together to help all the animals I loved how much Drew was an animal lover and seeing all the dogs he owned and found it amusing that he named them all Bob The relationship between Drew and Bree was pretty close to instalove, but it was cu...

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    I enjoyed Meg Cabot s series from the early 2000s like her Boy books and Heather Wells, so I was excited to when I heard about this new title No Judgments is about Bree Beckham, who has moved to Little Bridge Island, Florida, to start a new life for herself Just when she thought she was getting settled, a hurricane threatens her island paradise If I were Bree, I would have taken someone up on the countless offers of rescue Bree was given before the hurricane struck Of course if she had done that, there would be no story I did like how Bree volunteered to help pets whose owners had abandoned them during the storm no judgments, though , and I wish we were given of that Instead, we got a lot of Bree falling for her boss s nephew, who didn t really seem all that nice to me He apparently was very good looking with a great body, so I guess that makes up for anything, right The story is predictable, which I don t always mind when you have good characters, but I did not really like Bree or ...

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    I almost feel like Meg Cabot needs a pseudonym for this book But I feel like this wouldn t sell without her name attached to it, so that s an odd line to balance This was much generic chick lit than anything Cabot I ve ever read, and that s totally fine, but my expectations were quite different and I think I could have been disappointed if I had gone in really expecting something like one of Cabot s previous standalone adult books.The amount of DOGS in this book is absolutely delightful Seriously, all the stars for the abundance of dogs Dogs make me happy and thus this book made me happy.There was a Me Too moment in this book that I m of mixed minds about It felt like it was put in there as a way to be culturally relevant and to make this about the times But I did love the way that the character dealt with it all.I wish we had had a much deeper examination of the love story that develops It s instalust and then instalove and there were no real conversations shown Nothing like that good ol Mia and Michael romance that is to date one of my favourite literary romances out there.I would three star this for being not at all spectacular, but I m throwing in the extra star for the animals and for how well paced it was Four times, I checked the length, because it absolutely flew by and it felt like it was half the size it actually was Normally I m going the other way and thinking books should have been cut down, ...

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