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[Read] ➲ Cold Storage Author David Koepp –

Cold Storage For Readers Of Andy Weir And Noah Hawley Comes An Astonishing Debut By The Screenwriter Of Jurassic Park A Wild And Terrifying Adventure About Three Strangers Who Must Work Together To Contain A Highly Contagious, Deadly OrganismWhen Pentagon Bioterror Operative Roberto Diaz Was Sent To Investigate A Suspected Biochemical Attack, He Found Something Far Worse A Highly Mutative Organism Capable Of Extinction Level Destruction He Contained It And Buried It In Cold Storage Deep Beneath A Little Used Military RepositoryNow, After Decades Of Festering In A Forgotten Sub Basement, The Specimen Has Found Its Way Out And Is On A Lethal Feeding Frenzy Only Diaz Knows How To Stop ItHe Races Across The Country To Help Two Unwitting Security Guards One An Ex Con, The Other A Single Mother Over One Harrowing Night, The Unlikely Trio Must Figure Out How To Quarantine This Horror Again All They Have Is Luck, Fearlessness, And A Mordant Sense Of Humor Will That Be Enough To Save All Of Humanity

[Read] ➲ Cold Storage  Author David Koepp –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Cold Storage
  • David Koepp
  • 01 August 2017
  • 9780062916433

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    A fun read, if at times totally unbelievable, but hey this is fiction, and it s meant to entertain, right And entertain this book does A fungus that has killed everyone in a remote town in Western Australia has been languishing in a contained facility underground in Kansas The facility is then concealed, and forgotten, and a storage unit is built on top of it End of story right No way, this fungus has ideas of it s own It escapes it s containers and decides to run rampant.Two down on their luck security guards are left in charge of the storage units the night the fungus decides to run amok With the help of a retired military operative, who tried to warn the government about the danger this facility poses, the three have to try to contain the fungus and save the world.A highly amusing story, complete with deer riding in elevators and exploding cats, suspend your beliefs and enjoy the ride of this one It wont disappoint.3.5 stars rounded up to 4.My thanks to HQ Fiction for an uncorrected proof to read and review The opinions are entirely my own.

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    I m terrified and horrified and that is exactly how I want to feel after reading a science fiction book Deep in the Australian outback festered a fungi that thrived on the atmosphere around it The highly mutative mucus infected the small and isolated settlement of people who resided there, incubating and expanding inside their bodies and taking over the neural pathways to ensure their new hosts did their bidding.Pentagon bioterror operative Roberto Diaz and his partner eradicated the terrifying threat by razing the area it was contained in to the ground One small sample survived and was kept contained and chilled in an underground cold storage facility it could never escape from Decades later, the earth s core temperature as risen and this bacterial strain is back with a vengeance This time, however, it has evolved.The killer virus, possible post apocalyptic trope is much featured in media but no one has done it quite like David Koepp I m not sure why I was surprised how sublimely brilliant this was, given that Koepp was the screenwriter responsible for blockbuster hits such as Jurassic Park, War of the Worlds, and Mission Impossible This book, however, exemplifies his adaptability to be a great writer, in other mediums.Every sentence was perfectly crafted and honed for ultimate suspense and intrigue Reading on tenterhooks is the only expression I can conjure that will adequately describe reading this book There was violence and gore in abundance which are not to be read on a full stomach , but also sound scientific backing and authentic characters, who were not your typical cookie cutter heroes and heroines, to make the entire thing feel terrifyingly believable This evoked the cinematic experience and is definitely a story line that needs to be adapted I think Koepp might know someone who could be just the guy to do it

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    oh my god i am going to be run ragged at BEA this year, apparently WATCH OUT FOR MY GRABBY HANDS, BOOTH TENDERS

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    Cold Storage by David Koepp is not the sort of book I would normally have picked up But I was intrigued when I received a copy from Harlequin Australia as part of the HQ Book Club I am now very pleased have picked this book up David Koepp is a screenwriter who has worked on Jurassic Park and Mission Impossible to name a few This was clearly evident in this book, and it would also be a fantastic movie This was a very quick and hard to put down read The story flowed really well and left you wanting to keep reading It is a very entertaining read, at times dark and disturbing and at others funny and light in particular the deer in the elevator You need to read this book for that scene alone In the beginning I was worried that I was not going to like it, there was allot of scientific words and jargon but once I got through that I really enjoyed it I was also surprised when the characters visited Australia, always something that catches my attention being an Aussie.A piece of space lab debris is showing some bizarre signs and the experts are sent to investigate This brings them to a remote part of Western Australia When they get there they find a lot of dead bodies and a deadly organism living on the space junk They destroy the town but not before taking a sample This sample is returned to the US and kept in a secure underground military unit Years later the experts are once again called to stop this deadly organism spreading.Thanks to Harlequin Books Australia for my advanced copy of this book to read All opinions are my own and are in no way biased Give this book a go even if you don t usually read this genre You will be pleasantly surprised.

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    This book comes with great pedigree as the author wrote the screenplay for Jurassic Park , it also comes with great premise..a eat all fungi is discovered in the 80 s in Australia but is managed and contained and no questions asked and what remains of the fungi is then sealed away hundreds of feet down in a black site mountainy far so good..the mountainy thing is sold on as a rent out locker facility and the contents hundreds of feet down are forgotten.then the fungi escapes and causes havoc The description of the fungi, how it evolves, infects and spreads is morbidly fascinating have to say and the research done amazing, however, the characters are insipid, the dialogue uninspiring and the plot follow through enough to raise your eyebrows every few paragraphs, I did read on some reviews how readers had loved the humour in the book, I didn t realise there had been any so do wonder if I missed the point altogether but wasn t as far as know a comedy book Great idea, fab research, not my kindof delivery of both3 10 2 Stars

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    astonishing debut by the screenwriter of Jurassic Park You ever wonder about the person who writes these blurbs and think Why they go and set expectations so high like that I mean,especially when your ending opinion of the book isn t exactly spectacular, you have to wonder if the blurb writer was out to sabotage or as is likely you just once again didn t like the book that everyone else seemed to love.That s stretching it a bit, though I didn t dislike Cold Storage I think Mostly I couldn t get my head around the part where a woman manages to shoot herself straight in the heart with a not.22 pistol through the o2 port in the front of her Hazmat suit and manages to keep the suit intact I m not well versed in guns and Hazmat suits but When you hit something like that that you doubt so early on in the story, it makes it very hard to get back into it at all It was worsened by the fact that there were many aspects of the book that I found to be hilarious that I wasn t entirely sure were meant to be funny I have decided, for the sake of this review, to assume that they were meant to be funny In fact, I m going so far as to bill this as a thriller comedy There were some good lines in Cold Storage In particular, I laughed at Yes, He was kind and loving, but He also invented colorectal cancer, and is there a supervillain anywhere, ever, who came up with a diabolical way to take somebody out than than David Koepp, Cold StorageEven though Cordyceps is getting a bit old as a villain , it was still fun to watch Koepp put his spin on things I mean, I don t think the idea of a fungus that can completely take over a human body and use it as a walking spore sac is ever going to be boring, do you There was plenty of action in Cold Storage to accompany the laughs The laughs aren t of the sharp,snarky type, though, so I m not sure how this got heralded as for fans of Andy Weir The dialogue was ok The pacing was pretty tight There s enough going for this novel that some people are really going to get a kick out of it.Overall, not really my cuppa, but I do thank the publishers and Netgalley for giving me a chance to try it out.Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review consideration.

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    This is one riotous read that made me laugh with did that just happen moments and kept me entertained from start to finish.Set in a small town in Australia, a local man has made a little extra cash over the years by displaying bits of wreckage from spaceships that have broken upon returning to Earth from missions in space Well, one too many rub ups to make a bit gleam a little just sets off a reaction with a hi jacker that had returned with it The deadly organism thrives on any living thing in order to rapidly expand Bioterror Operative Roberto Diaz becomes the hero of the hour, destroying the whole town and containing a sample of the fungus in an underground government storage facility.Decades later Diaz receives the dreaded call to say it is on the loose again The determined fungus had found a way out Diaz heads for the facility while two young security employees try to hold the fort and stay alive There are some spectacular moments as the fungus learns from its hosts, some which make quite hilarious moments Loved the thoughts of the deer from death to well death and the bizarre ways that it managed to get around A very entertaining read, very visual, violent but at times lighthearted There were even backdrop stories on the characters and time for a little romance to blossom A brilliant read Hope to see from this talented writer.I wish to thank NetGalley and the publisher for an e copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly.

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    If this book doesn t have you paranoid anytime someone so much as coughs near you, you re a stronger person than I.

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    Absolutely fabulous stuff Koepp has single handedly resurrected one of my all time favorite authors Michael Crichton , injecting a strong sense of humor into a terrifying story I ll read this again And again It s that good.

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    4.5 starsHooley dooles, this was all kinds of awesome Green oozy, deadly fungus taking over humans which was kind of cool in a gory, scary kind of way This deadly virus outbreak will have you running and hiding before the green oozy muck can get hold of you I don t normally read science fiction but as this was a review book my interest was piqued and I just had to read it I certainly won t rule out reading different genres from here on in, one never knows the fun you re missing out on by avoiding other genres sub genres.David Koepp is a top American Screenwriter and director, who wrote the original Mission Impossible movie and also Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Crystal Skull and many others Wow, I did not know that Love all those movies Cold Storage by David Koepp is his first novel which is full on icky in places yet a gripping, fast paced, fantastic sci fi thriller.Many thanks to Harlequin Australia for providing me with an uncorrected proof copy of Cold Storage for an honest review.

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