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[PDF] ↠ Black Nowhere (Lisa Tanchik #1) Author Reece Hirsch –

Black Nowhere (Lisa Tanchik #1) Chasing A Cybercriminal Into The Pitch Black Heart Of The Dark Web Special Agent Lisa Tanchik Is The Best At Taking Down Cybercriminals So When The FBI Discovers A Multibillion Dollar Black Market Online, She S Tasked With Finding The Creator And Bringing Him To Justice Donning One Of Her Many Digital Disguises, Tanchik Goes Undercover Into The NetworkBrilliant College Student Nate Fallon Started His Site As An Idealistic Experiment But His Platform Has Made Illegal Trade Not Only Efficient But Also Dangerous Now The FBI Aren T The Only Ones Out To Get Him As Profits Soar, A Criminal Organization Casts Its Monstrous Gaze On Fallon, And Danger Leaps From Cyberspace Into RealityFeeling Pressure From Both Sides Of The Law, Fallon Is Forced To Make A Decision With Shattering Consequences Can Agent Tanchik Find Fallon Before His Dangerous Infrastructure Falls Into The Wrong Hands

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    Described as a thriller, Black Nowhere lives up to its advance billing Reece Hirsch has crafted an excellent story that offers a quick, entertaining read I found most of the book to be reality based, without the usual over the top gimmicks normally employed by authors in this genre.The story is told by two people, Lisa Tanchik and Nate Fallon Lisa is an FBI Agent who has been exiled due to an unfortunate event early in her career, but the opportunity arises for her to help with a case involving an illegal ecommerce operation The website is the brainchild of Nate, a dreamer who created something that he never expected, and he soon finds himself dodging the efforts of both the FBI and a Mexican drug cartel.I found it very interesting how the story was written While both Lisa and Nate share the reins of the storyline, Nate is given of the characterization time This made sense to me, as the story revolves around his illegal business, and as I read further into the book his actions became darker Even though I disliked Nate and , I still could feel the danger as it crept slowly and surely into his world Kudos to Mr Hirsch for writing an FBI crime novel without even a hint of the vulgarities that lace most of the books released each year, thus proving that good writing can stand on its own without using f bombs as a literary crutch I thoroughly enjoyed Black Nowhere and will be looking forward to the next book in the Lisa Tanchik series Five stars.

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    3.5 Stars

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