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!!> KINDLE ➛ Claim Your Power ❥ Author Mastin Kipp –

Claim Your Power Has Your Vision Board Turned Into Just Wishful Thinking Do You Believe In The Power Of Intention And Goal Setting, But Are Losing Self Respect Because You Aren T Following Through Do You Feel Completely Stuck In Life If Things Haven T Been Going The Way You Ve Planned, Know This Everything Changes The Moment You Discover Your Life S Unique Purpose Success, Love, Abundance, Health And Well Being, And Vibrant Energy Are All By Products Of Leading A Purpose Filled Life.Maybe You Don T Know What Your Life S Purpose Is, Or You Don T Believe You Have One, Or You Thought You Knew What It Was And You Lost It If That S The Case It S Time To Claim Your PowerJoin Best Selling Author And Functional Life Coach Mastin Kipp As He Guides You On A 40 Day Journey, Inspired By Joseph Campbell S Model Of The Hero S Journey, To Identify And Dissolve Whatever S Holding You Back, Break Free From Trauma And Victimhood, And Transform Your Life Not Only Will You Change Your Life For The Better, But In Doing So, You Ll Improve The Lives Of The People You Love.With Claim Your Power, You Ll Wake Up Energized By The Momentum You Ve Unleashed, An Energy That Will Only Increase With Each New Accomplishment And Breakthrough And You Ll Discover The Peace And Sense Of Self Respect That Comes Only To Those Who Follow Through And Bring Their Purpose To Life.Are You Ready We Ve Got No Time To Waste Your Life S Unique Purpose Is Calling, And So Are All Those Whose Lives You Re Meant To Touch Remember To Get Out There, Take Action, And Make It Real

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    OK If I ever see the phrase vision board in a book again, I will spontaneously eat my own small intestine I want to like this book But there are a lot of higher power references here There is a lot of references to feelings The attention in this book is how to create a unique purpose This supposedly involves being in love with a soul mate, drinking water, not doing cocaine there was a lot of talk about cocaine , exercising in the morning and not eating fast food All fine The connectio...

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    Claim Your Power A 40 Day Journey to Dissolve the Hidden Blocks That Keeps You Stuck and Finally Thrive in Your Life s Unique Purpose by Mastin Kipp You may not control all the events happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them Try to be a rainbow in someone else s cloud Do not complain Make every effort to change things you do not like If you cannot make a change, change the way you have been thinking You might find a new solution I knew about this book over a talkshow, Impact Theory, where the author himself was the guest I enjoy it quite a lot This book is not only self helping, but also others helping, as it can be used as a guide to coach Your problems, your past, your hurt, your trauma are not what make you special What make you special is the ability to discover and thrive in your Purpose in spite of all those things There is nothing wrong with us We are already perfect It s just...

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    Me atrevo a decir que es de los mejores libros que he le do.Me gusto mucho la forma en que esta escrito y que se forma un compromiso con el libro as como con uno mismo.Es un reto leerlo definitivamente, pero vale la pena el crecimiento es inmenso, mast...

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    Claim Your Power, though well written and thought out, was not a very exciting read I believe Kipp did a good job hitting all the points, in order, of how to find your purpose, but it was hard for me to stay engaged At the start, I was writing along when the book told me to, like writing my best feelings, worst feelings, uncomfortable moments, etc By the time I got halfway through, I was ready to finish the book I do think this book could be helpful to people who have lost focus on their life and future, but a lot of what Kipp wasn t really new to me It was also a lot about Kipp s struggle with drug addiction, which I know he uses as inspiration, but that is not something I can relate to, and in a motivational book...

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    Recycled ideas Another book written to be used as a business card.

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    A standard self help book if you have read others Not bad, but nothing new.

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    Does your life feel like your days float by at random, like you are not in control of it Do you feel like your habits and patterns don t change and define you in a way that you are not happy with I stumbled over the book Claim your Power while watching an very inspiring interview with the author Mastin Kip over at Tom Bilyeu s Youtube channel Impact Theory that is highly recommendable by the way The book helps in a 40 day program to reclaim your personal power, heal from small and big traumas of your past, and to regain your strength to connect with your emotions, heart and soul The message of the book is simply to empow...

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    Este libro me cambio la vida junto The Power Of Now.Realmente recomiendo con todo mi coraz n este libro a quienes est n buscando dar mas de s mismo Es un entrenamiento de 40 d as donde cada d a se toca un tema que realiza una introspecci n profunda y que es analizada y comprendida Se leen de 3 5 paginas al d a y esta dividido en tres partes el libro.En lo personal este libro es un tesoro para m , tanto pero tanto conocimiento regalado solo para aprenderlo me fascina Pude comprender cosas de mi que cre que ni exist an y cre a que ya hab a aprendido mucho y que estaba muy bien desarrollado, despu s de leer, El Hombre en busca de Sentido , En el centro de tu Anagrama , Los 5 Lenguajes del amor y sobre todo The Power of ...

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    Practical, useful and engaging read.Upon picking up the book I quickly realized that this very well could be the pocket guide, or the daily manual so to speak that many of us have been waiting for.It seems that each and every o...

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    Dentro de lo que son los libros de desarrollo personal, de este y su autor hablaban muy bien, habia mucho hype a su alrededor y gurus como Tony Robbins lo ponia por las nubes Una vez leido, no he visto nada nuevo, sigue pareciendome un l...

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