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[Download] ✤ Cold Hillside By Nancy Baker –

Cold Hillside With Them, There Are No Happy Endings In The Remote City Of Lushan, They Know That The Fey Are Not Fireside Tales But A Dangerous Reality.Generations Ago, The Last Remnants Of A Dying Empire Bargained With The Faerie Queen For A Place Of Safety In The Mountains And Each Year The Ruler Of Lushan Must Travel To The High Plateau To Pay The City S Tribute When An Unexpected Misfortune Means That The Traditional Price Is Not Met, The Queen Demands The Services Of Teresine, Once A Refugee Slave And Now Advisor To The Sidiana Teresine Must Navigate The Treacherous Politics Of The Faerie Court, Where The Queen S Will Determines Reality And Mortals Are Merely Pawns In An Eternal Struggle For Power.Years Later, Another Young Woman Faces An Unexpected Decision That Forces Her To Discover The Truth Of What Happened To Teresine In The Faerie Court, A Truth That Could Threaten Everything She Loves.From The Acclaimed Author Of The Night Inside And A Terrible Beauty Comes A New Novel About The Price Of Safety And The Cost Of Power.

[Download] ✤ Cold Hillside  By Nancy Baker –
  • ebook
  • 300 pages
  • Cold Hillside
  • Nancy Baker
  • 13 December 2019
  • 9781771483117

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    Cold Hillside could have been written especially for me It has so many things that just make me happy There s a dark, somewhat threatening atmosphere The chapters alternate between two related women, telling their tales, and the reader gets to fit the pieces together In the background are the Fay and they re not the cute, perky fairies of Disney No, Baker goes back to European fairy tales and produces a Fairy Queen who is powerful, unpredictable, threatening, and unknowable Most in the fairy realm don t understand why she does things and we mere mortals must acknowledge that we are only guessing about her motivations There is a definite hostility towards humanity.I must confess that I had guessed one of the plot secrets quite early on, but that did not detract in any way from my enjoyment of ...

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    It s been a while since I encountered a book that I consciously found myself trying to read slowly, because I just didn t want to find my time in the author s world to be over but Cold Hillside did this.In presentation, I was reminded a bit of both Pauline Gedge and Guy Gavriel Kay two of my favorite authors Like those writers, here Baker eases us into a lovely, culturally rich, but sometimes harsh world The story encompasses both the higher echelons of court politics and those quotidian dramas and decisions that can mean the world to those they affect.There are two narrators, Teresine and her great niece, Lilit.Lilit is a typical teenager willful and rebellious She can t understand why her mother is so opposed to her going to the annual Fair, the one time when the people of her country see and trade with those of Faerie But now that she s become an apprentice jewelry crafter, her mother s word is no longer law Lilit s trying to find her place in the world as an adult but a drunken encounter at a tavern with a handsome young man who coyly hints at having a trace of Fey blood may lead to Lilit having to make adult decisions sooner than she was expecting Her society has very harsh rules and customs concerning the Fey, which give her choices greater weight.Teresine is treasured by Lilit, who loves her like a grandmother, but the past has always been something the older woman has refused to speak of...

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    Review I ve compiled a list of fiction with the fairies I love.1.the king of elflands daughter 19242.lud in the mist 19263.the last born of elvinwood 19784.little big 19815.lyonesse suldrens garden 19...

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    The original of this review is posted on my blog.With Cold Hillside Nancy Baker managed to step away from the fae stereotype plaguing most of recent fantasy and paranormal books who depict a romanticized version of the fair folk beautiful, mysterious, and a good romantic interest for the protagonist Nancy Baker depicts a whole other version of the fae, which is much closer to the original legends and could be summarized by one sentence With them, there are no happy endings.Yes, they are beautiful, but so is a coral snake or a poisonous flower, and both will kill you without pity or remorse They are mysterious and alien and immortal, yes They also consider us mortals as toys Fascinating sometimes, but easily broken and discarded I like this depiction of the fae better, maybe because that s how they were portrayed in the fairy tales I grew up with But the fae are not the only reason I gave this book five stars A book would be nothing without engaging characters and an interesting story, and Cold Hillside has both in heaps Because while the fae are present in the book and have an important influence on the events, this story is about the mortal ...

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    I received a copy of this book from NetGalley What started off slow to me ended up being one of the best books that I have read in a long time I just couldn t wait to read about the life of Teresine and her mortal interactions with the Fae I could picture the faery Queen s court and all the sur...

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    NetGalley book review I blame my head cold drug induced self because I can not for the life of me understand this book It was out there I might try reading it again here real soon, maybe But what I remember it was interesting.

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    Cold Hillsideby Nancy BakerIntroductionNancy Baker ends her long break from writing with a novel in a different genre Genre Intended audienceFantasy teen or adultNarrationShifting Teresine 1st person relating her past Lilit 3rd person past tense, current story Characters Teresine a foreign born womanLilit Teresine s 17 year old grandnieceSarit Sidiana Queen leader of Lushan a friend of Teresine sRaziel Sarit s younger sister and successorAmaris Teresine s niece, Lilit s motherVeradis the Faerie QueenDaen half mortal Champion lover to VeradisMany others listed in a helpful appendixSettingA fictional worldThemeLove and familyPlotThe stories of Teresine and her grandniece Lilit are interwoven in the remote mountain city of Lushan Each year the Sidiana the city s ruler travels to the high plateau to host the annual fair and pay tribute to the Faerie Queen Young Lilit wants to attend, but Teresine doesn t want her anywhere near the Faerie Euskalans citizens of Lushan see the Faerie as dangerous and untrustworthy, so much so that they subject their children to an iron test to prove their humanity Teresine has her own treacherous history with the Faerie.About the AuthorNancy Baker is the author of three vampire novels recently re released in e book format Find out on Goodreads or the author s website OpinionI count...

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    It has been a long wait for another novel from one of my favourite authors, Nancy Baker, and it pleases me to no end to be able to say it was well worth it.Cold Hillside is the tale of a people who live in a vaguely Bhutan like nation A people nestled in high mountains, refugee s from some former fallen empire Their Matriarchal culture is combined with their ritual relationship with the Fey Court, which provides for part of their economy, but also shapes much of their culture the wearing of Iron, the ringing of City Gates with Iron, elaborate rituals with regards children to guide against mixture with the fey and changelings, etc The book is broken down into two parallel stories, separated by two generations.In the first, Lilit is a young woman just coming into herself Finally able to escape the over bearing power of her mother, a woman who has worked her way up towards the leadership of their clan, she goes to the Fey Fair after having been prevented by her mother in previous years Here strange events unfold which lead her to examine her past and what it means for her present.This is paralleled with a sort of confessional fr...

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    Really, if I could give this 3 1 2 stars I would There were good things about Cold Hillside, and others, I simply could not ignore.The world Baker creates is easy to become immersed in, but due to the fact that this was a completely made up world, things were repeated, again and again ad nauseam.None of the major plot points were very shocking and it felt like they were meant to be because they were all fairly predictable As such, the ending was rather anti climactic.I enjoyed the characters and felt they were very well deve...

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    Cold Hillside was a very pleasant surprise Much in the fashion of Stephen King, Nancy Baker takes a well beaten literary path and turns it into something new and shiny It is a rare talent for a writer to take an old subject and make it original again A new world of possibilities opened where until yesterday we believed everything has already been said The Fey at the hand of Nancy Baker proved to still be a fresh and exciting subject.If you add to that a talent of creating c...

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