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Reading ➹ Forever Ours: Real Stories of Immortality and Living From A Forensic Pathologist Author Janis Amatuzio –

Forever Ours: Real Stories of Immortality and Living From A Forensic PathologistA Minnesota Coroner Who Has Performed Or Supervised Thousands Of Autopsies, Author Janis Amatuzio Has Made It A Point To Talk With And Comfort The Families Of The Deceased This Commitment Has Garnered Her The Moniker The Compassionate Coroner But What Amatuzio Has Received From These Talks Amounts To Far Than A Nickname Coincidences, Synchronicities, And Visions Have Utterly Transformed Amatuzio S Understanding Of The Passage From Life To Death A Scientist At Heart, Amatuzio Seeks To Integrate Her Understanding Of The Medical Realm With The Incredible Stories She S Come Across In Her Many Years As A Coroner From The Patient Who, Just Before He Died, Told Of Being Visited By A Long Dead Friend, To The Two Sisters, Miles Apart, Who Felt Unexplained Sensations At The Moment Their Father Passed Away, Amatuzio Details The Extraordinary Lessons She Has Learned About Death, Life, And The Great Beyond

Reading ➹ Forever Ours: Real Stories of Immortality and Living From A Forensic Pathologist Author Janis Amatuzio –
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Forever Ours: Real Stories of Immortality and Living From A Forensic Pathologist
  • Janis Amatuzio
  • English
  • 25 August 2018
  • 9781577315995

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    A very uplifting, totally compelling, and comforting read about different people s life beyond death stories as told or experienced by to forensic pathologist, Janis Amatuzio, MD Glad I had the opportunity to read it and feel that others would be helped by doing so, too Definitely a must read

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    As soon as we are born, we are all on a path towards death It s the one great certainty We don t know for sure if we are going to find love, get a great job, or have children but we know unequivocally that we all will die With that said, death is generally something that both fascinates us and causes great anxiety Despite that everyone has an opinion, no one knows for sure what happens after this life is over Death is probably the world s greatest mystery Forever Ours looks at death from an interesting perspective The author is a forensic pathologist Part of her job is to talk to the deceased person s relatives and give them information about the cause of death The author seems like a very caring, empathetic individual who realizes that how she handles each situation is far important that simply getting a job done I think it is for this reason that so many patients, relatives, and colleagues have opened up to her about their experiences about living, about death, about life after death, and about life after the death of a loved one Forever Ours is a very insightful book that I would highly recommend to everyone.

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    Everyone should read this book as part of operating instructions for life Please note if you tend to cry get out the tissues but it is completely WORTH IT.

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    I read Dr Amatuzio s books out of order, as this was her first book, but having read the second, I had a better idea about the content of this one Unlike most books I ve read that were written by coroners or medical examiners, her books are about the lives of the people whose deaths she investigated rather than the deaths themselves and trying to get to the bottom of why they died That said, she focuses a lot on the signs the deceased give to let their friends and loved ones know that life will go on in their absence and that there indeed is peace in the hereafter.Amatuzio takes most of her stories from conversations she has with people outside of her direct role as medical examiner She does talks for many different groups, and often, even when she s not speaking on the subject matter of the book, someone in the audience knows of her beliefs that the deceased are never truly gone and shares a story or two with her She also writes of the near death experiences of some patients, who feel their spirits leave their body and are enjoying a great feeling of peace until modern medical techniques abruptly bring them back into their bodies Some are angry that the best feeling they had in years was taken from them Others find a greater purpose for living knowing that when their time comes, there is nothing to fear Amatuzio s second book, Beyond Knowing definitely feels like a follow up to Forever Ours because I think she probed the topic deeper in that one and it has stronger stories to support her feelings That said, I very much enjoyed this book, because it provides a better introduction to her and has personal stories that seem to intertwine with each other better.Both books are quick reads, so I recommend reading both in a close time frame, as the two go well together.

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    This book gives you exactly what the title promises The author is a doctor who began to collect certain stories from people she came across in her work stories from people who recently lost loved ones being comforted seemingly from beyond, or people who had their own encounters with death While the stories are interesting, none are particularly memorable or uplifting In fact, it has only been a few days since I read this book, and I already can t recall a single story s detail.I really wanted this book to succeed because people of science who encounter the unexplained are usually the most credible in their observations But here she doesn t provide much of her own observation Instead, she acts as the middleman, just neutrally passing those stories along to the reader It doesn t help that the author has trouble recreating dialog that doesn t sound wooden or stupid I found myself wishing that she had just told the stories as stories without trying to recreate the actual conversations, because everyone already knows conversations in non fiction books are not actual anyway I m sure there is an audience that will find this book interesting, perhaps people new to the subject The author already has a second, similar book published, so obviously people are interested I think I just have already read too much on the subject to be the right audience for this book.

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    This is one of those books you can read in one day I was having a bad day and this book cheered me up The topic seems gruesome, but it s actually the exact opposite If you believe in life after death I recommend this book If you are struggling with what happens after we die read this book If you are a strong skeptic, skip this book It probably won t change your mind.

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    Some short stories about different experiences people have had after someone had died They are not all that great though the topic is an interesting one.

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    Forever Ours Real Stories of Immortality and Living from a Forensic Pathologist, by Dr Janis Amatuzio, narrated by the author, Produced by New World Books, downloaded from Amatuzio is a forensic pathologist Even while doing her internship and then residency, as well as through her ongoing practice, she has heard stories of persons near death experiencing reunions with loved ones already crossed over to the other side She clearly believes there is something there, something beyond the cessation of life What she does understand is that, whether or not you agree that these things could happen and that people can communicate with the dead, the stories can be a great deal of comfort to relatives who are grieving Her voice is very compassionate and kind, almost a little much for a kermudgeon like me, but it is a very interesting book not explainable by science.

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    I chose this book because I work at the same hospital that gave Amatuzio her start and because I m interested in Forensic Pathology I have heard similar stories from my patients over the past 9.5 years at UMMC and none of them have offered proof of an afterlife Amatuzio s experiences were no different than mine, but for her they had so much spiritual meaning I believe these things happen because the brain works in mysterious ways I m not a total athiest but I have yet to experience anything that resembles proof.The dialogue was awkward for me Nobody talks like that.

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    I read this book after reading an article in the paper about this forensic pathologist and while I don t go to see many authors I did go to see Dr Janis Amatuzio and she did not disappoint My father had died earlier in the year which prompted my thoughts about death Working as a pathologist, Dr Amatuzio was often approached by family members who had lost a loved one and then began sharing with her their unusual moments when their loved one would visit them or someone they knew These are their stories.

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