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Download ☆ A Baked Ham (Classic Diner, #4) By Jessica Beck –

A Baked Ham (Classic Diner, #4) When A Local Actor Is Killed After Making A Pass At Moose S Wife, Victoria And Her Family Must Find The Culprit Before Moose Is Locked Up For Murder It S Not Going To Be Easy Though, Because Benny Booth Had A Real Talent For Making Enemies

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    I Love this series by Jessica Beck They are what I consider Cozy Mysteries Considering they are murder mysteries there is very low violence They are not in the Christian category but they are clean Language is not offensive and I haven t read a sex scene yet The main characters ...

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    This is torture But I will read this book This is my mantra the premise is ridiculous Victoria and grandpa with the sheriff s blessing investigate murders It is not exactly a Barney Fife situation but it s close.Thankfully t...

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    When I pick up a volume of this series, I know that I m going to be enjoying a good solid mystery Not only is the novel filled with familiar fictional friends, but at the conclusion you can make dinner with the special recipes included.This is a gentle cozy murder mystery.

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    GoodLiked the concept and she didn t reveal the murderer till the end She does this in a lot of her books and I must be getting old because I always think it is someone else.

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    I enjoyed this primarily for the characters as I really do enjoy this family s interactions with each other However, their sleuthing in this one left a lot to be desired for me.

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    Victoria gets herself involved with the murder of a local actor This time her grandfather is accused of the murder It was a little slower than the others.

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    This was a great mystery the solution found on the second last page This author is getting very good with her writing.

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