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[Read] ➭ Enclave ➵ Robert Morganbesser –

Enclave In The Near Future, Reanimated By The Release Of An Illegally Created Virus, The Recent Dead, Hungry For Human Flesh, Have Driven Humanity To The Brink Of Destruction Aided By An Insane Cult That Believes The Living Dead Are The Harbingers Of A New World, A Dead World, Can Humanity Survive The Exciting First Volume In The Enclave Series, This Depicts Humanity At Its Best And Worst In A Battle For Domination Of The Earth.

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    Repetitive, annoying characters, just written for the gore without any bigger picture thought about how it all actually works together Also rather sexist, it doesn t matter how attractive a woman used to be if she is now a zombie, but the author kept insisting on telling me.

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    First I want to say that I love zombies Anything I can watch or read, no matter how bad it is, I will usually give it one chance.That said, there was so much WRONG with this book, that I could not even finish it So many inconsistencies, I could not keep count It needs proofread by an editor terribly I mean seriously, there were so many run on sentences, broken with commas, but in terrible places, I found myself having to re read them over just to make any sense of them And one thing that drove me bonkershe kept misspelling intel as intell Sorry I can t understand how anyone, a writer or a reader, can misspell words.Another peeve of mine is writers who use Christians as bad guys Really I say Christians loosely because the only thing they DO have in common with typical Christians is that they believe in Heaven Either way...

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    Did not finish it.I gave it until half way p 250 To much description of weapons and deaths Not much about the story unfortunately so I got a bit bored It moves from outpost to outpost with a formula of Few soldier some live, some die, kill some bad guys in a funny way move on repeat.I don t give up on books very often but had to on this occasion.It keeps repeating itself also, so...

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    It does need some editing, but overall pretty good for Zombies For some reason the characters and scenario were re introduced several times in the middle of the book Then toward the end that stopped and it was back to normal The plot developed nicely from pre outbreak t...

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    This book Was very long but I devoured it The action was never ending and the characters you just wanted to stand up and cheer for I am going to give this book to all my zombie loving friends and have them keep passing it on and see i...

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    I just finished reading Enclave A novel of the Zombie Apocalypse This probably would have been better titled Enclave Tales from the Zombie Wars I believe these were initially intended to be a themed set of short stories see at

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