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[Read] ➲ The Russian Revolution, 1917 By Rex A. Wade –

The Russian Revolution, 1917Combining His Own Long Term Study Of The Revolution With The Best Of Contemporary Scholarship Rex Wade Presents A Revised And Expanded Account Of One Of The Pivotal Events Of Modern History In This Second Edition Within An Overall Narrative That Provides A Clear Description Of The 1917 Revolution, He Introduces Several New Approaches On Its Political History And Complexity Wade Discredits Many Of The Myths And Misconceptions That Have Clouded Studies Of The Period He Also Considers The Social History Of The Revolution And Incorporates People And Places Too Often Left Out Of The Story, Including Women, National Minority Peoples, And Peasantry Front Soldiers.

[Read] ➲ The Russian Revolution, 1917 By Rex A. Wade –
  • Hardcover
  • 347 pages
  • The Russian Revolution, 1917
  • Rex A. Wade
  • English
  • 23 September 2019
  • 9780521841559

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    This is the second best book I ve read that gives an overview of the Russian Revolution I ve read way too many books on this, so that is high praise Sheila Fitzpatrick gets the one spot, but Wade dominates without question Ending the book with the dispersal of the Constituent Assembly is righteous That is the beginning of the end of democracy in Russia Wade s take on Lenin offers a bit of a contrast to people like Lars Lih He chooses to emphasize the power hungry, violent, centralizing Lenin but never falls into the traps Lih has so successfully criticized in his take on the flaws of the textbook version of Lenin Wade s Le...

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