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[[ Download ]] ➽ All of Me Author Kim Noble –

All of MeTaking The Reader Through An Extraordinary World Where The Very Nature Of Reality Is Different, This Personal Narrative Tells The Story Of One Woman S Terrifying Battle To Understand Her Own Mind From The Desperate Struggle To Win Back The Child She Loves To The Courage And Commitment Needed To Make Sense Of Her Life, This Account Recalls Kim Noble S Many Years In And Out Of Mental Institutions And Various Diagnoses Until Finally Being Appropriately Diagnosed With Dissociative Identity Disorder DID Described As A Creative Way Some Minds Cope With Unbearable Pain, DID Causes Kim S Body To Play Host To Than 20 Different Personalities From A Little Boy Who Speaks Only Latin And An Elective Mute To A Gay Man And An Anorexic Teenager Sometimes Funny And Ultimately Uplifting, This Brave Illumination Of The Links And Intersections Between Memory, Mental Illness, And Creativity Offers A Glimpse Into The Mind Of Someone With DID And Helps Readers Understand The Confusion, Frustration, And Everyday Difficulties In Living With This Disorder.

[[ Download ]] ➽ All of Me Author Kim  Noble –
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • All of Me
  • Kim Noble
  • English
  • 02 June 2019
  • 9781613744703

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    Hearing the story of Kim Noble was so inspiring and eye opening I have some sort of dissociative disorder and this taught me a lot about not only myself, but those close to me Hearing Patricia s side of the story was fascinating and makes me want to read the same book from all of her identities It was horrific and terrible the things she went through, but I was enthralled How could all these people not see it sooner Obviously, because I knew the ending to this tale I saw the Oprah documentary, which is referenced frequently I knew that Patricia would step up as the main personality, I knew Aimee was going to be fine, I knew that the art helps the identities cope.I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn what it s like growing up with DID an...

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    Book title All of Me My incredible story of how I learned to live with the many personalities sharing my body

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    What a baffling nightmare of a life Her or should I say their story ends on a hopeful note, though Accepting the diagnosis has led to a rewarding and less frightening life for all the fragments that make up Kim Noble.

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    There isn t a way to say this without sounding weird, but mental health is my element it interests me to no end, and books surrounding its various topics always manage to make it to my TBR list Ever since I discovered that some people close to me suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder, I wanted to learn about it, and a friend suggested that I check out All of Me by Kim Noble, a book written by a DID sufferer who is at the extreme end of the scale.For those who don t know what it is, DID is the official name for multiple personality disorder Usually occurring when a child is frequently abused during their childhood, the mind fractures into separate personalities, protecting itself from the harsh realities of the abuse It is easily understood if you think about it as there is only one body, but different minds go through stages of dominating it Each new personality is as real as you and me for example, the woman who wrote this book is not actually Kim Noble Kim is merely the name for the body, but she doesn t really exist any The woman who wrote this is called Patricia, the most dominant personality in Kim s body The majority of this is her memories of life ever since she was young the earliest memory being probably one of the first times she was out after being created.I d never measure up one mental disorder against another, a...

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    It was good but not has profound as I expected I was curious about Kim s past and exactly had created the DID but she never got to it It is still a good biography of a person dealing with this illness.

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    Bir bedende ka ayr ki ilik ya ayabilir Yapmad n z eylerden dolay s rekli cezalar almak,bilinciniz yerine geldi inde s rekli gitmedi iniz bir yerde uyanmak,uyand n z zaman bulundu unuz yeri ve kim oldu unuzu anlamaya al mak..ah aahhh sen ki benim sa l kl bir akla sahip...

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    Kitab daha detayl anlatmak ad na n ki inin a z ndan yazabilirdi Ya ananlar korkun ve trajik ama buna neden olan etkenleri hi anlatmam Ya da herbir karakteri b l m b l m i leyebilirdi Kitab n tamam hat rlam yorum kelimeleri ile dolu Kitab n ad hat rlam yorum olsa daha iyi olurdu.

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    Wat een bijzonder boek Dit wordt geschreven door een vrouw met verschillende persoonlijkheden Gebeurd door misbruik toen zij nog heel jong was Bizar om te lezen, maar h l indrukwekkend

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    It was an interesting book written in a non writers way I found the story interesting but found it repeated some of the same things overage over where it could have referenced the previous events and reactions but it rehashed them I cannot imagine living a life like this and...

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    This book was so eye opening for me that it s left me mostly speechless I do not believe D.I.D is common, and so I ve probably had no experience with anyone involved with something this invasive However, as a teacher, I think I may have taught a student who disassociated If anything, Kim Patricia s experience with teachers has lead me to be a empathetic teacher I do not believe I ve ever accused a student of lying and now I do not believe I ever will Reading about all of the personalities that ...

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