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Free ↠ Women in High Def By Diane Markins –

Women in High Def Women Are As Unique As Snowflakes Or Butterflies, But After Surveying Hundreds Of Them, Writer And Radio Host Diane Markins Learned That The Top Needs They Feel Are The Same She Also Began Hearing A Recurring Theme I Want I Want To Be Better I Want To Be Bold Women In High Def Aims To Propel Women Out Of A Low Def, Foggy Life Of Going Through The Motions In A Blur The Profound Stories, Intercessory Prayer Prompts And Coaching Elements Work Together To Catapult Women Into Living Fearlessly For God Being Bolder Moms, Having Purposeful Passions, Pursuing Marriage Excellence, Loving Themselves With Gusto, Laughing With Abandon, Transforming Mistakes Into Blasts Of Blessings And Bravely Seeking The Lord In All His Majestic Glory Women In High Def Isn T A Simple Devotional Book There Is A Chapter, Each Filled With Dynamic True Stories, For Every One Of The Top 10 Needs Of Women Because Women Are Most Inspired To Take Action When They Can Relate On An Emotional Level, These Stories Stir Hearts Each Chapter Is Followed By Self Coaching Questions Designed To Assist Women In Taking Stock Of Where They Are, Where They Want To Be And Tools To Help Them Get There Finally, There Is A Prompt For A Time To Hear What God May Be Telling Them.The Bonus Bible Study At The Back Of The Book Points Them To Scripture To Gain Biblical Insight And Direction For Each Need And Role They Play It Can Be Used Alone Or In A Group Women In High Def Is Not Passive Reading It Cries Out To The Spirit Of Readers To Be Unafraid As They Actively Reach For Clarity, Vibrancy And Intensity In All The Meaningful Areas Of Their Lives.

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    The vast majority of the time, I am a fiction reader I generally prefer to lose myself in a book, explore another world to escape my own However, I decided to read this one based on a friend s recommendation and I m so glad I did The author forces you to do what no one really wants to look at yourself in the mirror It is a much needed slap in the face Mrs Markins forces self reflection upon the reader, without making them feel as if they re being scolded for not living up to God s standards The book is short story after short story of other women just like you who have had to do the same Although this book is most certainly a Christian book, being Christian is not a prerequisite to enjoy and appreciate its contents An inspirational, witty, and humorous read.

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    Grab your tissues, a pencil, a highlighter and a coffee or tea and settle in You will both cry and laugh along as you read these stories of women who have overcome and are living their lives in high definition for the Lord With sections such as Beauty of Healthy, Security, Me Time, The Nest and this book will have something for every lady whether homemaker or career woman, single or married, life long Christian or baby Believer this book will have you searching Scripture and conversing with God through the self coaching questions at the end of each chapter Great for a group or for a private session with just you and the Lord some questions will strike a hard chord while others will have you reminiscing.The only chapter that I didn t quite feel in tune with was the Me Time one as a homeschooling, homemaking mom I don t see me time as something I need and when I used to get me time all I could think about was getting I truly enjoyed reading Humor, because I love to laugh and I love to have a fun time and even my children were like what s so funny I also really enjoyed the chapter titled, The Nest and Beauty of Health these three just really spoke to me, to my heart and I can t wait to work through it leisurely and actually work through all the questions.If you re wanting to live your life in high definition for the Lord, but aren t sure where to start then start by grabbing this book Some of the stories will have you shaking your head as they relate to your life, have you laughing along or just plain broke down in tears as you read a mom s account of writing letters to her children as she faces her imminent death The chapters are short, perfect for a busy full time mommy and wife and you can just take your time in going through the questions I enjoyed how each story began with a Scripture that tied into that particular story Disclaimer I was provided a copy of this book from Kathy Carlton Willis Communications in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given

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    Title WOMEN IN HIGH DEFAuthor Diane MarkinsPublisher Snowfall PressApril 2012ISBN 978 0 9854172 0 8Genre Women s IssuesWomen are as unique as snowflakes, and Ms Markins has observed hundreds of them However, she has learned that woman have one thing in common The top needs of them are the same And she also began hearing a theme I want I want to be better I want to be bold WOMEN IN HIGH DEF aims to propel women out of a low def, foggy life of going through the motions in a blur Ms Markins shares profound stories, intercessory prayer prompts, and coaching elements to catapult women into living fearlessly for God Being bolder moms Having purposeful passions, pursuing marriage excellence and Topics included in this book are Beauty of Health, Humor, Security, Me Time, Love, Friendship, and WOMEN IN HIGH DEF also includes a bonus Bible study at the back of the book which will help women to gain biblical insight and direction for each need and role they play This book is designed to use alone, or in a small group setting This is not a book for passive reading it requires time, thought and some effort There are sections with questions to read and consider keep a notebook and a pen handy for answers and thoughts The print is rather small and kind of hard to read, so you ll want to make sure you re in a well lit room and possibly have a magnifying glass handy.If you want to be one of the WOMEN IN HIGH DEF then you ll want to read this book 12.99 161 pages.

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    Women in High Def was that book that I would carry with me and steal a few minutes away from my daily routine to read It is certainly one that you could read in one sitting but I really enjoyed that one quick bit of encouragement in the middle of my hectic day Diane Markins has put together a collection of stories by several women on a variety of topics Each told from the heart of the author, I found myself relating to these women as I read their stories Many had to be hard to share but with the Grace of God these lovely ladies did share and were willing to be used by God in the restoration of others It is refreshing to read that someone else understands what you are going through now or what you have been through before And there is healing in knowing that others have not only survived but gone on to live full lives and be blessed and used by God.At first glance I didn t think some of the topics were things I needed help with But after reading it through I knew God had some work for me to do in those areas This book will help you take a look at yourself and seek God for His help in making you like Him I received this book from Kathy Carlton Willis Communications in exchange for my honest review You can check out their website at Thanks

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    Where do these people get such inner strength How do they always show the bright side of life Why is it that just being around them you feel happier Well I think it is due to the way they live their lives The are all Women in High Def Boldy Living Your Purposes with Vibrant Clarity Diane Markins has written this book and it shows so many of the women that I know in my extended family Within the 10 chapters of short stories and devotionals that follow, you see how the hard times in life, the good times in life and those so so times in life can all help us focus on what do we really want out of life Also there is such praise to help us keep our focus up to our Supreme guidance.Women in High Def also has a Bible study guide in the back of the book for each chapter you go through And then you get to meet each woman who shared their stories with you as you went through the book Best of all is the feeling of direct purpose I have while reading Seeing the goal I wish to make and knowing that I can go forward with clarity of mind.

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    Women in High Def is a collection of 50 short stories designed to get you thinking about living out God s purpose for your life They serve as a gentle reminder that He uses all these things to bring fullness and depth to our lives Diane Markins is a gifted and talented writer and if I had to pick my favorite stories from each chapter many of hers are among the top ten This book can be enjoyed by simply sitting down and reading one heartfelt at a time for a quick pick me up It s guaranteed to leave you feeling uplifted and refreshed Or if you want something there are coaching questions at the end of each section and a Bible study at the end that allow you to go deeper into reflection and gain insight into your own life I love how it s designed to get you thinking that maybe your life isn t all that bad after all and that we are not alone in our struggles This would be great to read not only on your own, but as part of a small group study.

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    Diane Markins talked with hundreds of women and learned the ten areas of common and major concerns She then wrote for and edited this volume of short accounts in the areas of beauty and health, security, purposeful pursuits, friendships and other points of need The stories are designed to encourage and challenge women to find assurance and grow into richer lives.The title states a large concept and during my first reading I wasn t sure the author met that goal Then I realized that the beautiful, fancy font was briefly but frequently taking my mind out of each story as I tried to decipher certain letters These letters occurred surprisingly often.However, a second reading proved the stories are well chosen to accomplish what women need Readers, be aware and don t give up quickly on this fine book.

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    Diane covers Beauty, Health, Humor, Security, Love, the Nest,Restoration, Respect, Friendship, Me Time, Purposeful Pursuits and Intimacy marriage and God , in this book Whew That s a lot of topics to cover She, and other authors, spin stories based on their experiences, based on the topic at hand Diane adds an appropriate bible verse and prayers after each tale, relating to the moral teaching of the story At the end of each section, she gives you self coaching questions, to think about your life, and how the teachings of the topic can change your view She also offers up a conversation for you to have with God part prayer and part dialogue.This would be a great book for a women s bible study each topic could offer prolonged conversations of faith, emotions, and beliefs It would also be a great book for a new Christian, looking to find their way in their new faith.

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    SUMMARY omen are as unique as snowflakes or butterflies, but after surveying hundreds of them, writer and radio host Diane Markins learned that the top needs they feel are the same She also began hearing a recurring theme I want I want to be better I want to be bold Women in High Def aims to propel women out of a low def, foggy life of going through the motions in a blur The profound stories, intercessory prayer prompts and coaching elements work together to catapult women into living fearlessly for God being bolder moms, having purposeful passions, pursuing marriage excellence, loving themselves with gusto, laughing with abandon, transforming mistakes into blasts of blessings and bravely seeking the Lord in all His majestic glory The Bible study at the back of the book points them to scripture to gain Biblical insight and direction for each need and role they play It can be used alone or in a group.Women in High Def is not passive reading It cries out to the spirit of readers to be unafraid as they actively reach for clarity, vibrancy and intensity in all the meaningful areas of their lives.REVIEW This is a smorgasbord of bite sized devotionals followed up by prayers and study questions I did it by myself but I think it would be a great small group study that would definitely encourage every woman no matter where her place in her Christian walk FAVORITE QUOTES The take away from this chapter is that the opposite of fear is not security it s sovereigntyHe s in control so we have nothing to be afraid of The only beauty that matters is what the Lord puts in our hearts Everything else falls short in the end Security on earth is a myth There are no guaranteesso it comes down to a choice We have the power to choose peace and freedom as we leave our worries at the altar of the Most High God Or we can strategize, prepare and worry.

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