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[ Read ] ➳ The Dragon Ring (Harper Errant, #1) Author Maggie Secara –

The Dragon Ring (Harper Errant, #1) Reality TV Host Ben Harper Has A Problem He Owes The King Of Faerie A Favor So Now He Has To Track Down The Three Parts Of A Viking Arm Ring, And Return Them To Their Place In Time This Takes Him Through The Wolf Haunted Forests Of Viking Age Wessex, The Rowdy Back Streets Of Shakespeare S London, And A Derelict Georgian Country House Partnered With Caustic, Shape Changing Raven And Guided By A Slightly Wacky Goblin Diary, Ben Must Rediscover His Own Gifts While Facing His Doubts And The Queen Of Faerie S Minions, Who Will Do Anything To Stop Him.The Dragon Ring, The First In The Harper Errant Series, Is A Time Travelling Epic Adventure Which Takes You To Old England, And Beyond.

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    Maggie is an amazing storyteller I had previously read her pirating love story, Molly September, and thoroughly enjoyed it I knew going into this read that it would be vastly different from her other book, but she did not disappoint.I love delving into a story that I can learn something from It s clear that Maggie is a history buff, and it shows in the pages of her novels The historical references intermingled with the fantasy flowed so well together it was hard to tell where they should part ways and become separate entities That s not an easy feat to accomplish, yet she did it seamlessly If that weren t enough to snatch you up into the pages, the characters that she created were astounding as well.The characters are their own stories They ve been so carefully crafted, that they become key figures in your own life as you read the pages Turning each page of this book was like coming home to dinner with family You grow to know the characters, and get so involved wi...

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    I knew I was going to enjoy this book from the first page, when the Raven spiralled into the sun over Dartmoor, and icy wedges of air streamed past the sharp eyes, poured across the stretching wings as he reached over the horizon for the moon s white disk A tale replete with rich prose, fading from dreamlike faeryland to touches of earthy humour, and back again Until Ben Harper, and American TV presenter, cannot tell where one world ends and the other begins.Nor does the reader, scarcely Give me the Sparrow and save your world, says Titania Not for your faerie Kingdom Ben shouted, and sat strait up in the darkness Sparrow is Ben s sickly son, swapped for a changeling, and Ben is drawn into an internet type adventure game, but he cannot hit Save and come back later There is far too much at stake.I can visualise this as a fantastic Disney film, with enough effects to fee...

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    Author Maggie Secara has done something truly splendid here she s combined an outstanding knowledge of history and theatre into an urban fantasy worthy of Charles de Lint Frankly, I can think of no higher praise.The protagonist, Ben Harper, is a reality TV show host and traditional musician He manages to run afoul of the fae near his Dartmoor home on numerous levels, and breaks an important artifact in a fit of rage that only makes matters worse The artifact in question is the titular dragon ring, made from fairy gold Then, Titania decides she wants Ben s son can nothing else go wrong Oh, of course it can.So, now he must go back through history to find the pieces he broke in order to restore the ring it is a little confusing on the surface, but rest assured that it all comes together soon enough and save his son With the help of Oberon, Odin ...

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    The Dragon Ring by Maggie Secara 4 starsThis was a ride to a faerie land that I ve never visited before There s great description that gave me a vivid picture, lots of action, and a fair bit of guessing in terms of what the tasks set for Ben Harper were all about I d love to meet the King and Queen of Faerie, though not if Titania is spitting and hissing There s humour in The Dragon Ring that softens some of the darker aspect...

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    I enjoyed this book so much I asked the author to guest on my blog It carried me along at breakneck speed and avoided all the clich s that one normally meets in any work to do with Faery Magic with a down to earth attitude not to mention downright dangerou...

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    After slogging through books 23 of Miss Peregrine s Peculiar Children, this was like skipping through the park.I enjoyed the characters, Faerie, and a plot that made sense Will probably read books 2 and 3, even though this stands nicely on its own.

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    I am loving this book M

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    I loved this book So imaginative, such a clear voice in the narration and the main character Fully realized characters and a fabulous, faerie fantasy with a vast knowledge of history thrown in.

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    Great urban fantasy funny, magical, with a good helping of history.

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    Memorable characters, interesting plot, good storytelling All around good read

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