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[[ EPUB ]] ✶ Glyphics Author J. Richard Singleton –

Glyphics My Best Friend Was Murdered By A Government Conspiracy To Suppress Public Knowledge Of America S Cooperation With Extraterrestrials And Experimentation With Alien Technology But To Answer Your Question, I M Looking Forward To The Prom, High School Senior And Creepy Loner Truman Tells The School Psychologist.He Was A Normal High School Senior Growing Up In The Quaint Town Of Smith, New Mexico, Population 31,313, Floating Through A Lazy Summer When Truman Met And Befriended Ethan Howe, An Eccentric Out Of Towner Who Thought That The Moon Landing Had Been Faked On A Soundstage In Burbank And That There Was A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory, A Meta Theory That Would Encompass Everything From Vaccines To 9 11 To Roswell A Theory That Would Explain Everything.Ethan S Death From A Drug Overdose Is A Settled Matter For Everyone But Truman, Who Suspects Foul Play His Friend Wasn T Suicidal, He Insists, And Some Of His Journals Are Missing.As The Eisenhower High S Homecoming Game Approaches, Truman Gets Involved In A Series Of Escalating Dangerous Situations And Increasingly Bizarre Characters Including A 140 Year Old Nazi Scientist War Criminal And Some Very Weird, Very Creepy Men In Black , As He Fights To Avert A Team Of Suspicious And Extremely Popular Exchange Students From Possibly Taking Over The World And Enslaving Humanity.With The Assistance Of The Beautiful But Snarky Goth Avril DeWinter, Truman Hopes To Unravel The Grand Unified Conspiracy, Expose The Government S Work With The Extraterrestrial Technology, Avenge His Friend S Death And Find Redemption

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