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➿ Coraline Free ➶ Author Neil Gaiman –

CoralineDAN NAKON TO SU SE USELILI KORALINA JE PO ELA DA ISTRA UJEU Novom Domu Koralinine Porodice Postoji Dvadeset Dva Prozora I Etrnaest Vrata Sva Vrata Se Otvaraju I Zatvaraju, Sem Jednih.Ta Vrata Su Zaklju Ana, A Sa Njihove Druge Strane Je Samo Zid Od Cigle Ipak, Koralina Jednog Dana Uspeva Da Ih Otklju A I Pronalazi Prolaz U Drugi Stan, U Drugoj Ku I, Nalik Njenoj.Samo To Je Druga IjiNa Prvi Pogled U Drugom Stanu Sve Je Prekrasno Hrana Je Bolja Kutija Za Igra Ke Puna Je An Ela Na Navijanje Koji Lepr Aju Svuda Po Spava Oj Sobi, Knjiga Ije Se Slike Uvijaju, Vrve I Presijavaju, Malih Lobanja Dinosaurusa Koje Cvoko U Zubima Ali Tu Su I Druga Majka I Drugi Otac Koji Bi Eleli Da Koralina Ostane Kod Njih I Bude Njihova Mala Devoj Ica Oni Ele Da Je Promene I Da Je Nikada Ne Puste.I Druga Deca Su Tu Zarobljena Izgubljene Du E Iza Ogledala Koralina Je Njihova Jedina Nada Ona E Morati Da Upotrebi Svu Svoju Dovitljivost I Sve Alatke Koje Prona E Ako Eli Da Spase Izgubljenu Decu, Svoj Obi An Ivot I Sebe Samu.Nil Gejmen, Dobitnik Mnogih Nagrada, Miljenik Kriti Ara, Odu Evi E Itaoce Svojim Prvim Romanom Za Sve Uzraste Jo Od Vremena Kada Se Alisa Stropo Tala Kroz Ze Iju Rupu Nije Bilo Putovanja Tako Veli Anstveno Neobi Nog I Zastra Uju Eg Pro Ite Kroz Vrata I Verova Ete U Ljubav, Magiju I Snagu Dobra I Zla USA Today

➿ Coraline Free ➶ Author Neil Gaiman –
  • Paperback
  • 157 pages
  • Coraline
  • Neil Gaiman
  • Serbian
  • 27 November 2018
  • 9788674360972

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    I ve read this book many different times in many different ways I read it off the page when it first came out Later, I listened to Gaiman s narration of the audiobook when I was sequestered in the north woods of Wisconsin in a desperate attempt to finish book two I watched the movie and enjoyed it My most recent experience of the book was listening to it with my little boy on a long car ride I wasn t sure he d be able to get into it Not because of the vocabulary He s very sharp for being 4.5 He s good with words But sometimes he gets a little scared Despite my worries, he seemed to enjoy it He paid attention, attention, asking for us to turn it back on after we stopped by the side of the road A day later, he excitedly told me all about the story, apparently forgetting I d been in the car too All of that was months ago Fast forward to now Dad, Oot said Do you know the guy who wrote Coraline The question caught me by surprise The two of us were driving to a party together, a friend was having a bonfire and I was amazed that he was thinking about anything other than ss I do, I said His name is Neil Gaiman Do you have his phone number he asked...

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    A 82% Very Good Notes A genuinely disturbing and creepy story with vivid imagery, it s well rounded and goes at a perfect pace and length.

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    I was such a cowardly kid that I never managed to read than the blurb on the backNow that I ve finally summoned the courage to give it a try I wish I read it sooner I love this novel Unlike Gaiman s fiction for adults, every sentence, every word has its purpose And finally, Gaiman does not throw in some weird sex scene Can I get a hallelujah One especially dull and rainy day traps young Coraline inside the new house Her parents are busy and she must entertain herself She finds a little door in the drawing room and a little key that fits in.he discovers a passageway into the otherworld In it are her other mother and her other father both of which always have the time for her and adore making her favorite foods But, there s something too otherly about the two that raises her hackles They re perfect Finally, the other mother plays her hand She wants Coraline all to herself With a growing sense of dread, Coraline finds the way back locked and her chances of escaping becoming ever slimmerAll the while, the other mother promises how wonderful and lovely living with her will beforever I don t want whatever I want Nobody does Not really What kind of fun would it be if I just got everything I ever wanted just like that, and it didn t mean ...

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    Coraline is a short but delightfully dark and creepy book that just happens to feature one of my absolute favorite characters Is it wrong that I want to be Coraline s best friend Because, she said, when you re scared but you still do it anyway, that s brave Coraline is clever, quirky, curious and adventurous, brave and determined, independent, stubborn to no end, a bit reckless and not scared of danger She will NEVER leave any mysterious doors locked and uninvestigated In short, she is what I hope my future hypothetical daughter is going to be like Out of boredom due to rainy days and parental inattention, Coraline sets out on a scary but awesome adventure She bites off almost than she can chew, but comes out of it a winner and just a bit grown up and mature but luckily not in a dreadful moralistic way Nothing s changed You ll go home You ll be bored You ll be ignored No one will listen to you, really listen to you You re too clever and too quiet for them to understand They don t even get your name right The story is intense and sinister, and yet really fun With his dark fairy tales Coraline and The Graveyard Book, Gaiman proves that he has mastered the art of writing perfect non condescending children s books that also appeal to adults He is not afraid of making a kids bo...

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    Has anyone ever said to you time heals all wounds Well for the villain of this story that is clearly not the case It s easy to pinpoint Coraline s bravery and talk about her experience, but that s not what this review is about I want to consider the other mother and her story I mean what exactly is her story We can only presume that she has been doing this kind of trickery for years, perhaps even centuries We don t really know a great deal about her She has three victims prior to her attempts on Coraline Two appear to be fairly normal children The third speaks in a form of Shakespearean English, which I took for proof of a victim many years previous We don t know a great deal about the actual house either or how long it has actually been standing The descriptions speak of age But how much age are we talking It s all a little bit of a mystery What drove this woman to such depravity What happened in her life that she needed to feed upon the love of children What has she lost Where did it all begin I can only speculate But one thing remains an absolute certainty to my mind something terrible happened to the other mother a long time ago, something awful that drove her into the deepest depths of despair and as a result she clings to the essence of life love The movie adaption gives some brief idea of where she came from she is Wyborn s Gr...

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    3.5 5 When you re scared but you still do it anyway, that s brave I think this would have been one of my favorite books if I read it as a child, but unfortunately 20 something me felt like it was lacking I went into this with too high of expectations because the movie gave me nightmares after I saw...

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    My summary The story begins with Coraline, a young girl who has just moved into a new house with her parents which has been broken up into different apartments with neighbors Coraline s new neighbors are interesting an old man who trains rats for a circus performance, and two old ladies who are retired stage actresses The issue is that Coraline s extremely frustrated and bored with not much to do Her parents are simply too busy with work to spend any time with her and Coraline feels somewhat neglected Coraline shook her head Why don t you play with me she asked Busy, he said Working, he added He still hadn t turned around to look at her.As she begins exploring her new home she finds a little door in the wall, but it s locked and she can t seem to get it open Once she finds the key she opens the door and discovers that it s closed off, but the next time she opens it, she finds a secret hallway that leads to another world Her neighbors have warned her previously, but curious Coraline enters the door into a new world and finds that the house looks much like her own Her neighbors are the same, but younger and interesting She discovers that the people living in the home look like her parents, but aren t her real parents They give her tons of attention and cook all the yummy food she loves It s like everything is perfect here So, said h...

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    This is the perfect Halloween read It s creepy, eerie, and beautifully written Now I want to rewatch the movie I loved it D

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    I saw the film before I read the book, which is not how I like to do things, as it can often be like taping a hockey game and having someone tell you the final score before you ve had a chance to see the game for yourself However, I can say that seeing the film first didn t really spoil the book for me Coraline starts off rather slowly but this independent, thoughtful, odd, distant, misunderstood child soon gains the reader s sympathy This becomes intense as Coraline gets deeply enmeshed in danger Gaiman does a good job of characterization We see the characters through the eyes of a little girl who is remarkably intelligent and yet doesn t understand everything the adults do or say Many of the adults are eccentric in a Dickensian sort of way they deal with others when they have to but are firmly ensconced in their own little worlds And so they see Coraline as an oddity too The cat is perhaps my favourite ...

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    This a perfect, traditional fairy tale, with a slightly surreal twenty first century warp The writing is as magical as the plot Its thirteen chapters are delightful, dark, and funny, with a heroine many can relate to, as child, parent, or both Coraline is intelligent, inquisitive, slightly contrary, hates being bored, and wishes her parents paid her attention, and didn t feed her recipes Perhaps, she wishes she had different parents And you should always be careful what you wish for, even if you don t know you ve wished for it So begins an adventure in which Coraline unlocks a door, goes down a secret passage, and finds herself in an alternate world that is eerily familiar, and scarily unfamiliar She must conquer fears, discover the truth, and solve problems to find and rescue her parents, herself, and others A book is not supposed to be a mirror It s supposed to be a door. Fran Lebowitz There are echoes of Grimm, Lewis Carroll, Roald Dahl, Dickens, Greek myths, and others, but it s also thoroughly original It is YYA, rather than YA I only wish it had been published a decade ago, so I could have read when my son was YYA.Learning OutcomesThis i...

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