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[ Ebook ] ➡ African Hearts Author Laura O'Connell –

African Hearts Gina Goes To Africa To Fulfil Her Dying Brother S Wish, But Her Corporate World Is Turned Upside Down When She Learns She S Guardian Of Her Eight Year Old Nephew She Didn T Know Existed How Can She Take Up This Responsibility When, Three Years Ago, A Child Died Whilst In Her Care Besides, There S Little Time In Her Busy Corporate Life For Rearing A Boy, Let Alone Knowing How To Do That Her Brother S Doctor Makes A Deal With Her Promising Her He Will Give Her Tips On Rearing A Boy, But Kam S Deal Includes Wanting To Find Out What Really Lies Behind Her Flashy Exterior His Probing Questions Are Way Too Personal For Her And The Fact That She S Returning To Australia In Two Weeks Time Is The Only Way She Can Keep Him At Bay The People Of Gumboli Village Reach Out And Show Her The True Meaning Of Love, Embedding The Spirit Of Africa Within Her, Making Her Question Her Life S Purpose It Isn T Until Justin S Life Is Threatened That She Realises He Is Her Only Living Relative And She Has A Responsibility To Save His Life During Their Care For Justin, Her Attraction To Kam Deepens, But In Order To Commit To A Relationship With Him, She Has To Overcome Her Prejudices, And Kam Has To Let Go Of His Painful Past Are They Willing To Confront Their Differences, Forget The Past And Step Out In Faith For The Future God Has Planned For Them

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    Loved this book by Laura It gave me a much greater understanding of the African culture and what it might be like for an Australian to be there, especially as a missionary.

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    Gina Messina jumps on a plane to leave Australia after she hears news that her brother in Africa is critically ill She meets Dr Kam Bonsu and they have an instant attraction Their hearts are both bound by past love and loss and neit...

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    This was a very heart warming story

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    Title AFRICAN HEARTSAuthor Laura O ConnellPublisher Even Before Publishing2011ISBN 978 1 921633 28 7Genre Inspirational contemporary romanceGina Messina is stunned to get a letter from an African doctor, stating that her brother is dying of Aids and has requested her to go to Africa The letter was sent four months earlier, but took the slow boat to Australia Gina isn t sure if her brother is still alive or not, but on the chance she is, she lets her boss know, and heads to Africa Doctor Kam Bonsu is the leader of a Gumboli village He is deeply saddened by his best friend s death, and now is hoping that Marco s sister will come to take custody of his son, eight year old Justin But Justin doesn t want to go live with an unknown aunt in Australia, he wants to stay in Gumboli with Kam and with his friends When Gina arrives, she is stunned to learn of the change that has come over her brother s life since she d last seen him She s also surprised at the news that she has a nephew But now she has a decision Should she uproot Justin from all he s ever known and return to her job in Australia, or stay in Africa and accept what can t be changed AFRICAN HEARTS is a debut book by Ms O Connell and is a book that those interested in romances set in exotic locations will want to read It is well researched, has believable characters and plot, and is exciting There are some incidents of telling, and places where it could be fleshed out , but over all it is a great read I enjoyed ...

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    From our CALEB reviewers 1 Gina is a wealthy Italian Australian businesswoman Kam Bonsu is a Ugandan man, the leader of Gumboli village and its only doctor The two are brought together through the death of Gina s brother As a mutual attraction grows between the two, they must overcome ethnic and cultural differences as well as their own emotional baggage from past hurts Life in a poor African village is a huge cultural shock to urbane Gina Should she return to her comfortable life in Australia, or should she use her wealth and abilities to make a difference in the lives of others O Connell isn t afraid to tackle some difficult issues WN 2 Gold Coast entrepreneur and business woman Gina Messina receives a letter urging her to go to the remote Ugandan village of Gumboli Her estranged brother, Mario, is near death Gina has little concept of the difficulties that lie ahead.Life in Gumboli is a world apart and as far removed as can be imagined from all that Australia offers The good and simple folk of Gumboli walk to a different beat Yet it is in Gumboli that Gina eventually finds true happiness African Hearts by Laura O Connell is a romantic novel that is at times challenging but always relevant I often asked myself What would I do in these circumstances Of over 80 books I have read this year, I rate African Hearts in the top 3 It is easily read and should appeal to women of all ages from 18 to 80 It is a must read fo...

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    An inspiring story of courage and romance in Africa.I really enjoyed African Hearts and read it within 24 hours.It s a touching story of Gina, a nurse from Australia s Gold Coast who is called urgently to Africa to see her deathly ill brother Unfortunately arriving a little too late, she becomes immersed in the life of his small African town as she struggles to come to terms with her newly met nephew, Justin and also the handsome but emotionally wounded doctor, Kamukama.The mostly peaceful, but occasionally violent life of Uganda is the perfect backdrop for this gently told tale of overcoming obstacles and making the most of an economically poor, but emotionally rich lifestyle The characters are well written and have their flaws, but become stronger as they use each other and their faith to realise their true potentials.The young boy Justin is a delightful character, full of childhood innocence and positivity, but also morally wise beyond his tender years I love his bond with the lion cub, Maucho, as they play together in the grasslands.My favourite line from the story is, Kam s smile kissed her heart It is not the type of book I would normally read, so I thank Writers Web for sending me a copy to review It was time well spent I did think it somewhat reliant on dialogue and sparse with the pl...

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    Leaving her business in Australia, Gina travels to Africa to answer the summons of Dr Kam Bonsu Gina received Kam s letter too late to see her brother alive Reaching the African village where her brother used to live, Gina is shocked to hear her brother has died and left his son to her care Gina can t take her nephew in her care She can never take another child in her care Not after a child in her care had died And her nephew Justin didn t want to come to Australia He loved it there in Africa What can Gina do She can t leave her only living relative there There s attraction simmering between Kam and Gina, what will happen They re of such different cultures Can they do anything about this attraction Will Gina s faith in God s wisdom show her the way AFRICAN HEARTS is a romance that touches the heart with its poignant tale of fresh starts, past wounds and second chances The inter racial relationship between Gina and Kam is handled with care and under...

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    What a beautiful, moving, descriptive and emotional romance.We are taken on a journey from Australia to the beautiful lands of Africa I was just wowed by the beautiful descriptiveness of the land I have never been on this side of the world and I too in ref to Desere s review feel like I have now visited.This is the first interracial romance I have rea...

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    This was a romance with a twist The author took me on a journey to Africa Living in South Africa myself this held a special feeling for me.The author did a stunning job with her characterization, and I fell in love with each and every one of them The backdrop was descibed with such intensity that it nearly made me cry.And what better than to learn a valuable lesson from a book, the author taught me that inter racial romances can be handled with care and depicted...

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    Beautiful romance, a hero to die for, fabulous African scenery and drama and excitement A thrilling read Loved this book

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