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[Epub] ↠ Love for Lydia Author H.E. Bates –

Love for LydiaLove For Lydia Was The First Novel With An English Setting That H.E Bates Wrote After The Second World War, And It Was His Own Favourite Among His Northamptonshire Novels The Northants Setting Becomes The Background Both Ugly And Beautiful For The Story Of A Young Girl, The Daughter Of A Decaying Aristocratic Household, And Her Lovers, Of Which The Most Important Is The Narrator Himself.Published In 1952, It Is Essentially An Autobiographical Novel, And, Though Much Of His Fiction Reflects His Own Life And Background, This Probably Contains Than In Any Other Piece Of Fiction That May Explain Why It Is Such A Satisfying Book Bates Spent A Brief Time As A Reporter On The Northamptonshire Chronicle, And There Are Other Echoes Of The Author S Personal Experiences Here In The Character Of The Narrator, Richardson Lydia, It Seems, Is Based On, Or Was Inspired By, A Young Lady He Once Glimpsed On Rushden Railway Station A Tallish, Dark, Proud, Aloof Young Girl In A Black Cloak Lined With Scarlet Lydia In The Story Is The Sheltered And Selfish Aspen Daughter, And The Novel Chronicles Her Affairs With Richardson And Two Of The Other Young Men It Has Been Described As A Novel Of A Young Man S Struggle To Understand And Resolve Himself To A Formidable World Of Change And Uncertainty , And The Novel Ends In His Committing Himself To Lydia In A Much Mature And Lasting Way Than He Could Have Done At The Beginning Of The Story The Novel Was Serialised On Television In 1976.

[Epub] ↠ Love for Lydia Author H.E. Bates –
  • Hardcover
  • 319 pages
  • Love for Lydia
  • H.E. Bates
  • English
  • 15 January 2017
  • 9780863076954

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    5 A glorious, slowly evolving story told by a young man about his dull, drab industrial village of leather tanneries and the changes to his life when he meets Lydia Aspen Richardson the only name we know him by and Lydia are both nineteen, innocent children by today s teen aged standards Apparently orphaned, she has been brought to live with her two elderly aunts, the aristocratic Aspen sisters, and their unsavoury brother, in their imposing house surrounded by expanses of land and avenues of trees Richardson, a reluctant newspaper reporter, is summonsed to the house by the aunts and asked to provide some companionship for their young charge They want her to meet people and not be isolated and stuffy as they are Lydia is lovely but awkward, and the two young people come to know each other, bonding over ice skating, dancing and walks She s a flirt and a tease, delighting in her growing power over him but fretting that it won t last.The narrator is a sensitive, nature loving fellow who seems out of his depth with this budding femme fatale Someone has said this is reminiscent of The Great Gatsby, and I can see why There s pain and tragedy amidst the partying.The first half of the book is about their growing attachment to each other, but as they b...

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    He said Evensford wasn t a bad town, either, and asked me if I should miss it Stars shone over rows of grey packed roofs with crisp autumnal brilliance and I said, Yes, I suppose so, and a whole piece of my life seemed suddenly to go dead behind me and break away. H E Bates, Love for Lydia Not long after the death of H E Bates in 1974 , several of his books were adapted for television, bringing renewed interest in the work of this extremely prolific English writer One such adaptation was the 1977 Masterpiece Theatre production of Love for Lydia, starring a young Jeremy Irons, based on the author s 1952 autobiographical novel Love for Lydia is set in the 1930s, in Evensford, a middling town whose economy relies mostly on tanneries and shoe factories The book is told in the first person by Edward Richardson, who first encounters the enigmatic Lydia Aspen while working as a reporter for the town s struggling newspaper The Aspens reside in an ancestral manor, ensconced on private parkland, and guarded by stone walls With little contact with the outside world, the eccentric family has grown out of touch with the modern world, nor are they aware of their receding fortunes When he first he encounters young Lydia, she is sheltered and awkward, yet yearning to experience the outside world Th...

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    LOVE FOR LYDIA is the sexy, sophisticated story of the dizzy and exciting but also rather empty lifestyle of English society people during the wild Twenties decade The central character, Lydia, is a beautiful but rather shy girl at first Then she inherits a great deal of money and begins to realize that she is a very desirable catch and that men will let her get away with almost anything The one man who truly loves Lydia is Richardson, a would be writer from a rather poor and humble local family On a cold winter day, Lydia has her first kiss from him, but instead of making her fall for him it merely sparks her interest in men in general Before long Lydia is the talk of the town, dashing about in her flashy new clothes and going to hot, Twenties style dances where she is always the center of attention One by one, all the handsomest and most exciting young men in the neighborhood simply collapse at her feet rich and stylish Alec Sanderson, sweet and trusting Tom Holland, and even the tough local mechanic, mean and muscular and hairy chested Black...

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    You know how Fitzgerald s writing sounds like neon lights and champagne jazz Transpose that to the English countryside with pops of flowers and you have H.E Bates.Thank you to Bloomsbury and Netgalley for the review copy

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    As winter comes to Evensford, a local newspaper reporter meets a shy heiress.

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    After planning to read this book for decades, I finally got to it It s so beautifully told and completely put me in another place and time The young narrator Richardson expresses the pain and beauty of love, loss, and growing up in such an eloquent and moving m...

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    Love for Lydia, H E Bates Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre Literary Fiction, General Fiction Adult I m an avid reader, always have been and occasionally I feel pangs of conscience for not having read a classic book, one it seems everyone has read and loved.This book is one of those, I thought it was time to extend my reading, try something different Sadly its one of those that others love but leave me cold I found it long winded and dreary, and so many times I was just waiting for something, anything, to happen It seemed like every tiny aspect had to be described in minute detail.Maybe if I d liked Lydia it would have helped, but I didn t she came over as a shallow, vapid, selfish girl, one who had to be the centred of attention, the focus of all the drama, and she didn t care about others feelings, just used people for her own needs I really didn t know why the men fell in love with her I found it hard to really like any of the characters, I never really felt I understood them, didn t know them enough to care about what they went through I need to like characters or hate them I need that strong emotion, need to enjoy what happens to them and here I just felt I wasn t interested in any of them I probably liked Nancy the best, felt sorry for her, but not enough to really care ultimately about her The boys well, I just wanted to shout Open your eyes See what s real...

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    As winter comes to Evensford, a local newspaper reporter meets a shy heiress Stars Tim Pigott Smith and Juliet Aubrey.Broadcast on BBC Radio 7, 11 00am Monday 11th January 2010 Somewhere in my dim and distant past ...

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    This has to be one of the best books I have read in a long time, or possibly ever It is completely beautiful, showcasing the highs and lows of young people in love Bates intricate descriptions of surroundings and of inner thoughts reflect the genius of Austen herself A perfect read for...

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    What a wonderfully satisfying story I have not finished a book this quickly in a long time.Love For Lydia is a vicarious whirlwind of affairs between the unconventional and extraordinary Lydia and her growing group of village boy admirers, lived and told by our narrator and Lydia s long time lover, the patient yet afflicted young Mr Richardson Lydia needs attention, Lydia needs company and she collects men like daisies on a chain first Richardson, then Alex, then Tom and then Blackie So the adventure, set in a small English town inside a valley surrounded by countryside hills of which plenty of attention to detail is given, begins when Richardson, a junior newspaper reporter, wanders through the gates of the mysterious Aspen manor on a death knock There, he meets the curious Aspen sisters who request he take out their niece, who is coincidentally the same age as Richardson At 19, the shy Lydia blossoms into the vivacious and fickle character we come to know as she and Richardson fall in love.Their sultry romance is short lived when Lydia strays away from commitment in favour of her glitzy roaring twenties lifestyle, which she enjoys to the extreme It all soon becomes destructive and fatal as one tragedy leads to the next, setting the town again in gloom and killing whatever lively spirit was there The joyful characters of the story fade away into the scenery as the past ...

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