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[Download] ✤ Pidgin Levitations: Poetic Chroma Texts ➸ Ricardo M. de Ungria –

Pidgin Levitations: Poetic Chroma TextsPidgin Levitations Is A Remarkable Work Of Revision And Recreation Of De Ungria S Uncollected Poems From 1981 To 1989 It Illustrates A Poet S Exemplary Course From An Aesthetics Of Esoteric Allusions And Mysti Fying Subtleties And Obscurities To A Poetics Of Ordinary Language And Subjects English At Ground Level, English At Its Most Conversational, And Ordinary, Everyday Activities As Fit Subjects For Poetry The Book Is Also A Wealth Of Visual Stimuli The 131 Poems Collected Here Explore The Possibilities And Boundaries Of Page And Typography Between Its Covers Are Postcards Of De Ungria S Artworks, Poems Tucked In Envelopes, And Poems In Several Stages Of Revision.According To Poet And Critic Dr G Mino H Abad, Pidgin Levitations Should Now Soar Its Insight Into The Creative Work Of Revision Is Of Incalculable Value For Teachers And Students Of Poetry, Literary Critics, Writers, And All Who Have Poetry S Interest At Heart.

[Download] ✤ Pidgin Levitations: Poetic Chroma Texts ➸ Ricardo M. de Ungria –
  • Hardcover
  • 190 pages
  • Pidgin Levitations: Poetic Chroma Texts
  • Ricardo M. de Ungria
  • English
  • 11 July 2018
  • 9789715424110

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    Ricky de Ungria s Pidgin Levitations UP Press, 2004 might appear otherworldly to readers of prose Filled with images connecting words and figures, at times distorting delineations and at others stressing the role of the surface in desiring an effect, this book is an outstanding demonstration of the poet s giftedness not only in scribbling the most striking of verses and the most playful of visuals, but also in testifying to the power of poetic reworkings The poem will not end up as a text finished, readily savored by the impatient connoisseur Its reality is its reworkability, its desirability of mutation The book s success in that particular goal manifests in the poems I deemed the best from the rest Soliloquy of the Drowned and Baguio by the Book were narratives of ordinary days penned with astonishing thoughts Manual of Eggs 23 and Deaths and Conversations verbalize the significance of self concept in a voice of one seeking the beloved in the complexity of life and poetry Amp and Alba , though differing in length, stood out for their courage to articulate whatever beyond audition, the pain of loss and estrangement, the body and the nation both perished by uncertainties Reading this book, for sure, requires a trained eye and an uncomplaining enthusiasm The event of reading the text demands recollection when one is called to texturize his interpretations, and the act of rereading confirms that deconstruction can outlive decades of poetic developments.Here is an excerpt from de Ungria s poem Epithalamium , perhaps one of his many poems reminiscent of the 1986 People Power which ceremoniously ended Marcos conjugal dictatorship Lines drawn shall keep their inkon moving water, and when we leave our profilesat will and enter the straw or the fish.Until, in waking and in sleep,in slopes where secrets and powers ferment,we find we have rounded the mountainand completed a theme.And we dream again And we swearthat no barbed wires wovenfrom our beliefs and loveliest melodiesshall ever wall us out again PS Where shall I find and purchase his other books

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